Hi all!

I have been working on trying to migrate to a brand new, shiny server. Some attachments currently don't work, but for now it's smooth sailing :D

If you followed this blog before the shutdown and you were removed from the follows, just re-follow.

Hi everyone.

In response to Meta implementing ActivityPub to Threads, bitl.dev will recieve a small update that will disable federation between it and Threads.

I will also be putting my name on the pact over at https://fedipact.online/. If you run an instance yourself, I highly suggest putting your name on the list for the safety of the Fediverse.


Little bit of an update to bitl.dev!

If you use blog.bitl.dev, it'll redirect you to the articles page. This means you no longer need to share blog links as


They can now be shared as


I'll see what I'll be doing but this is a good way for those who wish to have slightly shorter links :D


Hi all! Pretty big development coming.

Bitl.dev will be moving to a new, more powerful server later this month (probably sooner actually).

If this blog goes down or has less posts, you'd know why.

If there's no more posts on here after a certain period of time, check blog.bitl.dev as that is the planned alternative domain for the blog.


Alright, so what is this for?

Well, The idea of the blog is so I can discuss about things related to my projects without worrying about the many negative aspects with social media. This blog is still very experimental and MAY go down at any point, so I'd advise archiving this to archive.org.

However, this isn't just any blogging platform. This uses microblog.pub and is connected with various platforms using ActivityPub. So if you use Mastodon, Misskey or other platforms, you will be able to follow this blog on those platforms, which is REALLY FUCKING COOL.

Anyways, expect some rants here and there.

hello world!